What is Tarnish or discoloration?
Tarnishing (also known as oxidation) is a result of oxygen or sulfur coming into contact with sterling silver.
Tarnished silver is duller and sometimes a dark color.

How do I store my silver jewellery

Oxygen, moisture or dust in the air can tarnish Sterling Silver jewelry,
so it’s important to properly store your jewelry to help minimize the oxidation process.



Here are a few storage tips:

  • Store in an area with low humidity (no bathroom storage).
  • Store each piece in an airtight (Ziploc) bag.
  • Place a packet of silica or piece of chalk in the storage bag.
  • Keep clasps/closures unhooked to avoid moisture build-up.
  • Avoid storing long term in velvet or fur lined boxes.

Using my Jewelry

Wearing your jewelry is the best way to keep your jewelry looking great and avoiding tarnish, yes! Keep in mind though that contact with the following or similar in our daily lives can damage them. For a lifetime of use try following these guidelines to ensure your jewelry stays with you.
Banging, knocking or dropping can cause stones to loosen and / or denting.
Avoid your jewelry coming in direct contact chemicals, cleaning products, hair sprays, and other such items as this can damage the metal and reduce its longlivity.

Cleaning My jewelry

We recommend using a silver polishing cloth regularly to prevent and
reverse the natural process of tarnishing and give it a shine.
You can also clean your jewelry using lukewarm soapy water and a soft brush.
Alternately you may take to your local jeweler for a cleaning.